When planning your trip with us, remember that Saturday nights are our busiest nights
(sometimes up to 1hr waits per attraction). If you wish to avoid lines, plan your trip on a Thursday or Sunday night. Fridays are also busy, but during October we compete with football season, so expect lines but short wait times.


In order to offer you the best experience for your money, we are currently working on our package deals for this season. Tickets will not be available for purchase until the package deals are posted. Remember, early bird specials will save you tons, so please check back soon and follow us on SELRES_401d54ed-4c24-4830-a48b-ba6f545fb678SELRES_0d92e30d-6b2c-40c0-b67d-c11e122c0725SELRES_7727f065-1b27-46cc-abdc-8478e4e150beSELRES_30f1bb22-5305-436f-a7c6-0cc861a1b70aFacebookSELRES_30f1bb22-5305-436f-a7c6-0cc861a1b70aSELRES_7727f065-1b27-46cc-abdc-8478e4e150beSELRES_0d92e30d-6b2c-40c0-b67d-c11e122c0725SELRES_401d54ed-4c24-4830-a48b-ba6f545fb678 for chances to win FREE TICKETS. (expect to see ticket deals posted in May)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our event please call: