California Attractions

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Attraction Descriptions:

Movies at the Ranch- Come watch scary movies on a big screen for FREE! Every weekend is a new feature. Movies will begin at 7pm and 9pm. Bring blankets! (Midway)

Hay Maze- that’s right a FREE kids hay maze, we have plenty here at the ranch to keep the family busy while the brave ones make there way through our scarier attractions! (Midway)

House of the Dystopia- Where nightmares become reality this year’s feature attraction is a self guided tour through a haunted house filled with scenes from your worse phobias. This haunting experience is only at the Turlock FEARgrounds. $15

Bloody Lullaby- Back by popular demand! A twisted walk through of the eerie real life stories behind your favorite childhood nursery rhymes. This intense attraction is only $15.

Haunted Hayride- What is a Ranch without Garton Tractors? This attraction is designed by our Turlock haunt cast members. Features ROH’s famous witch K.K. as she tells your her poem of the ranch, listen closely and her story just might save you.  Keep an eye out for your favorite scene and let the rancher know as you exit the ride, if you exit. $10

Rancher’s Revenge- Local Ranches have been exposed to the Zombie outbreak and it’s not just affecting the humans. The animals are going haywire too! In this attraction you play the role of a Special Force Mercenaries . The Farmer notices his animals have been infected and they are all after him! You’re goal is to find your way out of the maze before you become infected too. This is an interactive paintball plus attraction that you get to experience for only $12.50.

Ghost Busting House-This is a family friendly follow a ghost hunter through the a maze you are on the hunt for the ghosts that haunt the property. If you spot one, let your guide know and they’ll use their ghost hunting equipment to help get rid of the evil spirits for good! $5 (Midway)

Headless Horseman- Go back in time and experience to Turlock FEARgrounds version of  the Sleepy Hollow story, as you ride our horse drawn carriage. – Cabral & Sons Horse Drawn Carriages (check out vendors tab) $10.

Jail Break- This is an escape room scenario like no other. After getting your mugshot you are locked up and pretty certain they are throwing away the key. But your cellmate informs you of his elaborate plan to escape. The plan is supposed to take place tonight, however after a fight breaks out your cellmate is taken to solitary. You know tonight is the only night to pull his plan off. The only downside, you don’t know what exactly his plan was. You do know that the lazy guard is on duty tonight and notice that he leaves his keys in sight when he goes on break. You know you have 15 minutes before his break is over. You now have to beat the clock, figure out your cellmates plan and escape without getting caught. Winners get their pictures posted on our Most Wanted list, losers get their mugshots blasted on social media for all to see! At only $10 this is the perfect beginner escape room experience. $10 (Midway)

Morbid State Asylum- Patients for Morbid State Asylum are admitted on a voluntary basis only. Once a patient is admitted they are given a moment to say goodbye to their loved ones before being escorted into the asylum. Upon entrance into the Asylum each patient will be strapped to a wheelchair where they will remain for their entire stay. This is a paranormal themed attraction that plays on all six of your senses. This attraction will be available at Merced and Stanislaus County fairs as well are annual October haunt. $5 (Midway)

Zombie Shooter- This has been a popular attraction this year as it was featured at both the Merced and the Stanislaus county fairs. Shooters can practice for the Zombie escape by aiming at live targets. $5 for 20 rounds $10 for 50 rounds. (Midway)

Zombie Escape –$25.00
Zombie Escape is a combination of an escape room and paintball tag in one. Players are sent out equipped with paintball guns, masks and gear to fight off zombies while wearing flag football tags that allow zombies to fight back. This is the most interactive zombie experience in the Central Valley.
A Zombie outbreak has occurred and extractions teams are being assembled to help find a cure for the outbreak and save humanity. As the team enters the compound, disaster strikes, the vehicle carrying them breaks down and zombies are everywhere. The team is limited on time as a bomb, charged by the last living scientist before he was infected is set to ignite. The team must work together to find the tools needed to repair their vehicle, while fighting off zombies before time runs out. If the team is successful they will come across a cure which was saved on a flash drive by scientist who were infected before the team could get there. A successful team will get a victory ride back to their homeland. An unsuccessful team will be noticeable by their walk of shame back to the homeland. (PREMIUM ATTRACTION- reservations recommended)

The Hot Seat- Located on the main stage with all eyes watching The Hot Seat is a one on one thrilling 2-minute escape experience that will challenge your wits. Can you handle the heat? Try this entertaining attraction for only $5!

*New 2018 Attraction* Contagion-  Suit up and get ready to shoot zombies- in an adrenaline packed thrill ride. Your mission is to deliver food and medical supplies to those who have been quarantined due to the Zombie outbreak. You have been chosen as part of a top secret special team to deliver the supplies that those who have remained uninfected will need in order to survive. But don’t let the team down because failing this mission could mean saying goodbye to humanity as we know it. This attraction is like nothing you have ever experienced before! You can try it for only $25.

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All Access Wristband- $50.00- Get unlimited access to the Haunted Hayride, The House of Dystopia, The Headless Horseman, Bloody Lullaby, Rancher’s Revenge and The Ghost Busting Maze. Save $17.50 and experience the thrills as many times as you want before closing.

Note- All Access Wristbands do not include midway or extreme paintball attractions. All Access Wristbands are sold nightly until 9pm.